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Your time is valuable and recruiting good staff can be a lengthy process. It makes sense for you to outsource staff recruitment, not only as this saves time and money, but also because you can then spend more time running your business. 

Here are just a few reasons you should engage On The Brink Recruiting.

  • We attract the best people. If your livelihood depends on finding good employees and they are what drives your profit and results, then why try to do hiring without the benefit of professionals focused on your company’s needs?  The best candidates are usually in other roles and not looking to move.  We have the tools, experience and network to find, attract and motivate them to talk to you.
  • We are specialists. Is locating talent your company’s core competency? Your company president probably has the know-how to cut the grass and pick weeds on your corporate campus, but is that really where you need to leverage his/her time? Do what you are good at, let us do what we are great at.
  • We save you time and cost. Not only will a search for an employee distract managers and leaders, it will also cost the company more money to conduct a search on their own.  Do you really want senior managers and leaders out trying to find talent? And are you sure you know what their time is worth per hour? Add benefits and overhead to that number and our prices are a bargain.
  • We shorten the job fill cycle. The real costs or opportunity costs of an open position can be enormous. Many studies say that in profitable companies an employee generates 3 to 5 times their annual salary in value. So if you leave a $70,000 position open for just one additional month that is $18,000 to $30,000 the company will never see again.
  • We increase the likelihood of a “yes”   When you get to the offer stage with a potential candidate we increase the likelihood that candidate will accept your offer.  Most hiring managers do not have the experience needed to coach and troubleshoot all the reasons a candidate would say “no.” It is very unlikely that a candidate would share with the employer the reasons for a potential “no” until it is too late. We have the position and relationship with the candidate to ask what a staff member may never uncover.
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